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As we have moved into the 21st century, we have seen the world change in countless ways, evolving and growing based on innovation and changing demand. This dynamic nature of modern society affects every industry, even education. Mindmekka® is poised to become a new player in the modern education industry, focusing on educating and engaging a diverse range of students with teaching methods that are effective, cutting-edge, and customizable.

The traditional brick-and-mortar educational institutions certainly have their value and will be a part of global culture for generations to come; however, new philosophical approaches to education have been growing in popularity in recent years.

Studies have revealed that our modern relationships with telecommunication devices, the Internet, international travel, and a globalized culture have changed the way that we receive, process, absorb, and use information. It only makes sense that adapting to new methods of receiving information would also affect the way that we learn in a more academic sense. MindMekka® is seeking to create an environment where students can feel comfortable and in control, while still receiving a result that is worth their time and financial investment.

Dull, obsolete methods of education are not only archaic, but also ineffective to a large degree. Real learning is something quite different, and involves a student actively engaging in the learning process, thereby translating lessons into practical wisdom that they can apply in their real lives. Learning, when it occurs in a real sense, enriches not only its recipients but also those around them. This is what we strive for at mindmekka®. Real learning that is affordable and accessible, anytime, anywhere. Real learning that translates into practical wisdom, which students can immediately apply to real life.

In the dynamic and interconnected modern world, people often seek education in specific areas; four years of education in stuffy old lecture halls is not what they’re looking for. Mindmekka® wants to offer that platform for innovative education strategies that teach practical wisdom in a fun and effective way. Essentially, it offers the best of both worlds, and in this age of instant gratification and customizability – that duality is what everyone wants.

MindMekka goes beyond the facts and figures, and seeks to improve our students as people. Our aim is not only to educate, but also to elevate, to motivate, to inspire. Being intelligent or knowledgeable is different than being good at learning. We try to instill those skills in our students as well, providing a comprehensive approach to education as a whole. We want to make your minds and skill sets as flexible, accessible, and powerful as they need to be. Nothing is more important than your mind – take a journey with mindmekka® to see just how far you can go!

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Frans Du Plessis

Founder & CEO


Christiaan Scheepers

Creative Director

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Johan Du Plessis

Chief Financial Officer

Arno Burger

Chief Operations Officer

Nadine van Niekerk

Chief Web and Graphic designer

Marinda Du Plessis

Chief Educational Coordinator



MindMekka is an innovative new approach to education that combines the best parts of traditional education with the cutting-edge advancements and possibilities afforded by the technological progress of the 21st century. We believe that the old modes of education aren’t as flexible as the modern world requires, so our program allows the versatility for students that isn’t offered by classic institutions.


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