Nearly half a decade ago, 400 million people sat watching via one of the world’s first global television links, as The Beatles blessed mankind with the song ‘All you need is love.’ While I’m not really a huge fan of the band personally (thank goodness for pen names), I’ve always been fond of this song and the message it tries to convey.

A quick moment of reflection reveals an insight that is quite pleasant; love, or more specifically, the passion that exists as result of love, has been the main driving force behind the majority of mankind’s greatest moments and achievements. It was passion that inspired the Wright brothers to spend countless hours risking their lives to provide us with the world’s first airplane. It was passion that kept Edison going, even after thousands of failed attempts, to bring us the lightbulb. And, of course, it was his love and passion for his departed wife, which gave emperor Shah Jahan the determination and resolve he needed to spend more than 20 years constructing the majesty of the Taj Mahal.

Now, allow me to introduce you to Christoff Smit. From a very early age, Christoff knew that he loved to run. As he grew older, this love gave birth to a passion so strong that he has dedicated his life to running. As a physiotherapist, Christoff has spent the last 10 years coaching and advising runners of all levels – helping them not only to improve their running, but also to find greater joy in the act itself.

The technique Christoff developed, albeit not as well-known as the lightbulb, has helped countless athletes to improve beyond what they had previously thought possible. By employing his unique scientific approach, runners are able to, not only to better understand, but also evaluate and improve their running on both a systemic and mechanical level.




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